Tips for Web Application Security

July 8, 2015 — by Andreas0


Are you running web applications on your website? The majority of websites rely on applications for some reason. These programs provide a lot of benefit to website owners!

Most web applications depend on server-side scripting, which can lead to problems with website security. You may rely on these web applications for functionality so it makes sense to use them, but it is important to implement security measures for your protection, and to keep your data safe from nefarious people.

Before you run a web app, scan it for any vulnerabilities that could leave an open door to your data. This is an easy step and something that can be done in no time at all, especially if you use a free or open source scanner to check out your app. An application firewall gives you added security, so make sure you are using one for your site – there’s nothing to lose, but a lot to gain by following this rule!

When choosing web applications make sure that they are free of bugs, and easily exploitable issues. How can you be sure that a web application is safe to use? Be sure to work with trustworthy developers for new products and ensure that you are also working with top-notch commercial and open source products for existing apps. If you are developing your own web applications, take the necessary precautions to ensure you are not leaving vulnerabilities in your app.

You should look at the permissions of your web apps to ensure that they are all carefully calibrated. Make sure files have permissions that restrict writing and executing to the server itself. Only authorized users should be able to access your file, so keep an eye on this list. If you keep authorized users down, there are fewer opportunities for people to maliciously handle your files.

Make sure you regularly update any and all web applications you are using. If a developer finds a security problem he or she will typically release a patched update that closes whatever security hole is open. Updating apps is an easy way to promote good security practices, without taking much time out of your day. People with bad intentions rely on website owners to avoid scheduling updates – don’t fall into this trap!

There is no need to shy away from using web applications out of fear of security problems – just make sure that you are careful and you should be able to get the most from web apps without any of the problems. Focus on strong security practices, selecting high-quality apps, and doing your homework to ensure that you have identified and dealt with potential vulnerabilities, and you can get the benefits of web apps without the risks.