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Why E-Commerce Users Need Dedicated IP Addresses

May 4, 2015 — by Andreas0


Believe it or not, IP addresses are a finite resource. You have likely heard about the depletion of available IPv4 addresses, and the subsequent push to get new IPv6 addresses in their place. As a result of these limitations, many web hosting providers have been offering their clients shared hosting accounts instead of dedicated IP hosting.

Especially for e-commerce users, this can be a challenging practice. When it comes to customer relationship management, point of sale applications, or e-commerce storefronts and shopping carts, it is important to guarantee the security of logins, transactions, and your clients’ user data.

Most customers look for SSL or TLS features when using e-commerce sites, and expect to connect with secure HTTPS.

Unfortunately, if you want to use SSL, you cannot use a shared IP address – but luckily, your web host can probably make this happen! As an e-commerce user you should ask our host about getting a dedicated IP package as well as an SSL certificate.

Using SSL is the best way to show your customers you care about their privacy and security, so it is well worth the effort of getting a dedicated IP address.

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