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What Can You Do About Shellshock?

August 5, 2015 — by Andreas0


The Shellshock vulnerability affects Bash across Linux, BSD and Unix variants using the shell program – dedicated server users, shared host users, and VPS users can all be affected by this problem, and need to take different actions to address it. The solution is easiest for dedicated server users, who can simply install the latest patched version of Bash.

For those with a VPS, the solution is similar. Log in to your virtual private server with SSH and check for the Shellshock vulnerability. You can then install the patched version, bringing your installation up to date with security measures.

If you rely on a shared server, the solution becomes more complicated. You have to rely on your web host provider to implement proper security measures. Check in with your host through their webpage, social media feeds and other news sites to see if they have published any information about a fix. Don’t be afraid to reach out and directly contact your host for more information – having a secure site is very, very important!

Your host may have already installed a patch, or could be actively working toward a solution. Rather than worry, simply get more information. A good web host will be happy to solve the problem and let its users know that it has done so, indicating high-quality customer service.