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Shared Hosting Security – Some Common Issues

May 12, 2015 — by Andreas0


Are you using shared hosting? This is a good way to save money and is typically a great choice for smaller websites, but there are a few things you should know to maximize the security of your site.

Shared hosting requires users to share the same server, and frequently, the same IP address through virtual hosting. You will have separate domains and different content on your websites, but you and other people on the shared host are linked through your server.

The shared IP can pose some problems for people, as all of you are linked through the same address – if one shared user does something negative, like spamming, you and everyone else using that IP address will be blacklisted. You cannot control what your shared host neighbors do, so if you are concerned about this, shared hosting may not be the best choice for your purposes.

You will also have to share CPU and RAM with others on the shared host. While you will get your own disk space, sharing the memory and power can have an adverse effect on your site if there is one user who is a resource hog.

Hacking attempts can also be very challenging for people on a shared host – when one site goes down, the rest might go with it, taking down the entirety of the server.

There are of course benefits to using shared hosting, but if you are looking for SEO hosting, using a virtual private server, or dedicated server, may be a better choice. Talk to your hosting provider about your options so you can find a hosting solution that is suitable for your needs.