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Build your own wedding site!

July 7, 2015 — by Andreas0


Summer is here, with all its festivities. Are you about to start planning your wedding? Maybe your goddaughter is to be baptized, or someone in the family has a big birthday coming up? First of all, Congratulations ! Why not follow the latest trend and create your own website to this unique event.

Now you can easily build a sleek, mobile customized website that also functions perfectly as a vibrant forum for your guests where you can change and update the information as often as you want.

Just until a few years ago you could really see which sites were “home-made” in the form of flat design, bad pictures etc .. With today’s design templates anyone can create a website that looks to be built by a pro, in just a few minutes. The templates are many and features and infinite.

We’re getting married!
You can easily create a site that you can use as your wedding invitation ,where you can present location ,date directions, preparation, suggestions on accommodation, gift list… well just about everything for the wedding. After the wedding, you can use this site to upload a nice photo album for your guests.

Choosing the right domain is important . Why not Jessie& for example.

Miss Site Site Builder allows you to create this kind of website! Easy fast and free (which also is our slogan)

• Select a domain
• Select a template, or create your very own unique design just for your event
• Fill your site with information
• Send out the domain to your friends
• Voila! – Ready to enjoy!