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Success story from one of our satisfied customers! – Bass MEDIA LTD

September 15, 2016 — by Andreas0


Bass MEDIA LTD is a company that has worked with the media on the web for a few years and focuses now mostly on the casino market – with a focus on producing great results for gaming enthusiasts in Sweden when it comes to roulette, free free spins and the Swedish casinos online.

Free Spins page operated by the company called, roulette site has been called and the new big bet is the big casino guide

The company has grown exponentially since the move to Miss Hosting which they are very happy with.

After moving to Miss Hosting Web Hosting and upgraded to a server Bass MEDIA LTD has seen an increase in both speed and visitors, and gained a better delivery of uptime, which is very important when working with SEO. It’s short, to provide a good experience for the visitor that happens quickly and easily with great speed.

What is the best with Miss Hosting?
– We feel that the service and especially the performance of the servers and speed are the focus of Miss Hosting. Is there something malfunctioned, there has always been only a brief chat away from getting answers which have simplified our work considerably.

How have you experienced the cooperation with Miss Hosting in its entirety?
– Very good. We have a good contact with both admin and customer service staff that worked very well. It is always easy and convenient to buy domains or upgrade IP addresses.

What is the biggest difference from the upgrade to a server and Miss Hosting?
– That our pages do not go down anymore to the extent that has occurred in other VPS.

Has simplified your administration to have everything in one login?
– It’s very nice not having to sit with 300 logins. With the smart applications that you receive in connection with the VPS of can have all gathered.

Have you noticed a big difference in rankings on Google thanks to your unique IP addresses?
– Absolutely! We recommend clearly Miss Hosting for those who want a performance-filled VPS to a good and reasonable price.

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Boost your ranking on Google with inexpensive security tricks.

September 7, 2016 — by Andreas0


Google announced that they will rewards sites that use so-called HTTPS and SSL certificates. This means that site owners get a chance to enhance both safety and traffic.

An SSL certificate is a security service that is based on sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords and credit data, filled in on a website offering better protection.

The certificate enables the data to be sent on to the site’s database or billing system fully encrypted and secure.

It is especially useful for anyone who runs a web shop or selling other services online, then customers feel more safe when they enter their credit card information.

The benefits have not gone beyond Google. The company has in recent years in several statements saying that SSL will become increasingly important for search engine rankings.

“We will strengthen the effect on the rankings, to encourage site owners to keep all people safe on the Web,” Google has wrote on their blog.

In plain language: The one who does not choose SSL certificate will be left behind in the search results.

Have you failed to acquire a SSL certificates? Relax, this can be fixed.

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Miss Hosting Review: Best Affordable Shared Hosting and VPS Solutions

July 5, 2016 — by Andreas0


“All businesses need a website, but setting up a full-fledged is not always an easy job. The first thing that occurs to the mind is the web hosting. There are many hosting providers in the market, but Miss Hosting are best and cheapest hosting providers regarding shared and cloud hosting.”

“Miss offers a broad range of hosting services. It includes shared hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting and VPS solutions for enterprises. They have created a name for themselves by providing the best after technical and customer support along with the super-fast shared hosting.”

Read the full Review of Miss Hosting

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Summer Offer Miss Hosting! 75% off!

June 30, 2016 — by Andreas0


Summer is finally here and we celebrate with a fantastic summer offer where you get 75% discount on Web Hosting & Website. Instead of $5,59 per month, you pay only $1.25 per month!

The package includes:

• Unlimited number of domain registrations
• Unlimited e-mail addresses
• Unlimited traffic
• 100GB cloud space
• Site Builder with 150 applications
• Free support and simple Getting Started Guide

Order Now

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High PR Domains – Get Them Now!

January 12, 2016 — by Andreas0


SEO Hosting Stars has made high PR SEO domains easily available to our clients, at competitive rates, allowing you to save both time and money when you are setting up your website. Instead of funneling your budget toward paying someone else to create your domains, you can snap up a ready made SEO domain from SEO Hosting Stars that is guaranteed to have a high page rank.

Why should I let SEO Hosting Stars find my domains?

Finding a high PR domain might sound simple, but many people have underestimated the amount of time and dedication it takes to achieve SEO success. Instead of finding out how much of a struggle this is for yourself, leave it to us, and spend your time on other endeavors that will bring you success. That is we are constantly on the hunt for high page ranking SEO domains so our customers can make a simple transaction and get started on their website. Your domain will be moved to your single account within a 24-hour time period.

Whether you need just one SEO domain, a hundred, or a constant flow for your SEO efforts, SEO Hosting Stars can meet your SEO domain needs. If you desire a larger amount of high PR SEO domains we can easily set you up with a bulk SEO domains package of 20, 100, or 500 domain names, all with high page rankings, high trust flow, and/or Moz Domain Authority already in place. If you need to keep adding to your domains, you can come back to us and we will find exactly what you have requested.

So how can SEO domains help me?

First off, they will put your business, or that of your clients’, in the limelight on the web. Anyone making a search for topics relevant to your sites will readily find your high PR domains and the content you’ve included. Finding new clients and driving traffic to your sites is no problem – your pages, as high rankers, will come to the top of many searches, ensuring clicks.

Secondly there are no domain auctions, many have tried domain auctions but been turned away by the high prices driven by drop catching services. We know how to secure SEO domains names in an affordable manner, so you can sit back and wait as we get the high PR pages you need.

Let us do the work for you!

This is what we do, and we do it well – trust SEO Hosting Stars to handle your SEO domains needs! If you are building a webpage, expanding your online presence, or looking for high PR domains for your own clients, we can work with you and tailor our services to your requirements so contact us today!

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1/2 OFF the FIRST 2 MONTHS!!

January 8, 2016 — by Andreas0




Right now SEO Hosting Stars is having a Holiday Hosting Sale on all our Cloud and Premium VPS. To take advantage of this deals just respond to or visit our site and mention code NEWYEAR50OFF to get the 50% off the first 2 month!!


Here are just a few reasons why you should give us a try:
– Free Migration from Your Current Host
– Managed or Unmanaged Servers
– 24/7 Support and Rapid Server Set-Up
– GEO Targeted IPs from Any Country in the World
– 1500 Unique and Dedicated C-Class IPs Starting as Low as $1.20
– A Single Contact for All Your Hosting Needs
– Easy to upgrade once you need more space

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IP Addresses Quick Reference Guide.

January 5, 2016 — by Andreas0


ip address cheat sheet

CIDR, Subnet Mask, Total IPs, Usable IPs, IP block
Guide to sub-class C blocks

What’s a /19?  How many IPs do I get to use with a /20?  Well, see the table below!
Usable IPs is the Total IPs. Read more about IPv4 subnetting reference


Subnet Mask

Total IPs

Usable IPs


What is an IP address?

An IP address or an IP address is an address that identifies a connection to the Internet. The IP address used for information sent on the Internet to reach the right computer.

Every Internet-connected computer has an IP address. Sometimes multiple computers to share the same IP address.

An IP address can be dynamic or static. A dynamic IP address is assigned through a server of the Internet service and address can be changed at each connection point. A static IP address is always the same. One calls it a fixed IP address.

Most ISPs only use dynamic IP addresses to private persons. Such an IP address can thus belong to several different people from different parts of the country from one day to another. There are few operators publish static IP addresses.

There are public and private IP addresses. The private IP addresses are used only in local networks and should never occur in the traffic going over the Internet.

The current standard that manages IP addresses, called IPv4. However, with an increased number of users on the network are IP addresses in IPv4 running out. Within the next few years, most companies, organizations and operators move to the new standard IPv6. IPv6 supports virtually unlimited number of IP addresses.

For private users is expected to transition take place relatively painlessly without the need to upgrade either the hardware or software when using a reasonably modern computer and updated operating system. IPv4 will likely operate in parallel with IPv6 for a long time to come.

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Start small grow big with seo hosting stars

December 2, 2015 — by Andreas0



Right now SEO Hosting Stars is having a Holiday Hosting Sale on all our Cloud and Premium VPS. To take advantage of this deals just respond to or visit our site and mention code WINTER50OFF to get the 50% off the first month!!


Here are just a few reasons why you should give us a try:
– Free Migration from Your Current Host
– Managed or Unmanaged Servers
– 24/7 Support and Rapid Server Set-Up
– GEO Targeted IPs from Any Country in the World
– 1500 Unique and Dedicated C-Class IPs Starting as Low as $1.20
– A Single Contact for All Your Hosting Needs
– Easy to upgrade once you need more space

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SSH Communications Security Announces Universal SSH Key Manager Solution

November 16, 2015 — by Andreas0


At the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2015 in London, SSH Communications Security announced its Universal SSH Key Manager (UKM) solution is available as a virtual application, free to download and trial. To get a trial license, visit

Using UKM, businesses can map infrastructure authorizations and implement standard Secure Shell key policies across their entire network quickly without disrupting any already compliant processes. Major enterprises, financial institutions, and federal agencies can use UKM to benefit their practices in a variety of ways.

To better streamline operations UKM includes a user portal enabling organizations to allow users to manage their own keys, still implementing defined policies and standards compliance. Organizations will be able to lower their costs and make their users more productive, while meeting requirements in standards such as PCI-DSS, NIST and HIPAA.

The appliance is available for trials today, so it is easy to get started testing, and an updated release with the user portal functionality will be rolled out during Q42015.

“Organizations are struggling to manage Secure Shell keys in a way that is easy to use, centralized and delivers strong security and compliance to boot,” shared Matthew McKenna, chief commercial officer, SSH Communications Security. “Universal SSH Key Manager is a purpose-built, budget-friendly key management solution that helps organizations achieve compliance with Secure Shell key authorizations within even the most complicated network environments. Our customers have found the Universal SSH Key Manager to be flexible and non-disruptive to their business, and this new release will further extend our lead in enabling compliance and productivity.”

SSH Communications Security is inventor of the SSH protocol, with a twenty-year history of leading the market in developing advanced security solutions that enable, monitor, and manage encrypted networks. The company’s encryption is trusted by over 3,000 customers globally, who also rely on SSH Communications Security’s access control and encrypted channel monitoring solutions, used to meet compliance requirements, improve security posture and save on operational costs.

SSH Communications Security is headquartered in Helsinki with offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Shares (SSH1V) are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, and more information about SSH Communications Security is available online at

At the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2015, security and risk leaders discussed skills and strategies needed to maintain cost-effective security and risk management programs in order to support digital business and drive enterprise success. These leaders are working to embrace new approaches to digital business, while maintaining proven control architecture that mitigates enterprise risk for success.

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How to Choose the Right Host for Your Website

October 29, 2015 — by Andreas0


You need a web hosting company to provide you with services that connect your site to the internet, allowing you to connect with your customers online – but there are tons of hosts out there, and it can be tough to narrow down the options to find one that is perfect for your company!

Your website is only as good as your web host, and any issues with your hosting company will translate to problems with your website and unhappy customers. Bearing this in mind, your first decision relates to what type of hosting you’ll choose. There are many hosting plans out there, but these are the most common types of hosting plans.

Individual plans are affordable, providing hosting support for a single domain only. You may find that this plan is limited in terms of features, bandwidth, and data storage, but if you are just starting out as a webmaster and don’t need a lot of traffic support or bells and whistles, this is an economical, user-friendly way to get started. Often times you will be sharing space on your hosting server with other webmasters, so you may hear this called a shared hosting plan.

Dedicated servers provide you with your own server, for a higher price. This opens up new doors to you, allowing you to try new features and support more traffic. If you think you may eventually need a dedicated server but want to start with a shared hosting plan, be sure your web host offers both types of plans so you can upgrade in the future without a big hassle.

In between these types of plans are reseller accounts. Reseller hosts allow their clients to set up multiple individual plans on one account. It’s relatively inexpensive, and lets you run several smaller websites without needing multiple accounts or plans to do so.

Now that you know what types of plans are out there, and have made your decision, you have to decide on the web host itself. Obviously, you’ll need a web host that provides the type of plan you want, so be sure to read through all of your options and consider your future needs.

You will also need to consider cost. It’s important to stay within your budget, but try to not be tempted by free hosting programs. These hosts are often unreliable and may require you to advertise on your website, for the web host or other advertisers – this is how the hosting plan is free or low-cost. Everything on your website should relate to your business, so this is never a good idea for a company site. You can talk to your preferred web host about the costs of their plans and see if there are any discounts or cost savings available, if you think hosting might cost too much.

You can also check out customer reviews to help you evaluate web hosts. Are people generally happy with this host, or do they frequently run into problems? Reading real-life reviews is a good way to know how a business actually operates, instead of relying on what the web host tells you. Check multiple review sites and read a variety of reviews to get a good idea of what people think of your prospective host.

Speaking of customer reviews – how will the host support you, if you become a client? If you need lots of assistance as a new webmaster, be sure that the host can provide that to you. You need a dependable, reliable, helpful web host to help you through any issues that come up, whether this is all-new to you, or you have experience. Make sure your web host responds to issues and questions quickly, as time is often money in the online world, especially when it comes to keeping your own customers happy. A good web host is available to you 24/7 in a variety of ways, from phone support to online chats, email access, and helpdesk tickets. Find out what customer support your host offers before committing to anything.

Security is important, too. If you are handling customer transactions or sensitive data, it is vital to know that this information is protected – you can reassure your clients that all is well, if you are able to trust your web host. Make sure that the appropriate privacy and security measures are taken to keep all of your information, and your clients’ information, as safe as possible.

Consider storage and bandwidth allowances. Your website may take up more space than you think! Many hosts are moving toward unlimited disk space and bandwidth, but don’t assume that this is always the case. Ensure that your storage and bandwidth allowances are more than adequate for your business as-is, and any projected growth in the future. It can be annoying and expensive to try to tack on additional space after the fact, so do your best to ensure you start out with everything you need.

Finally, be sure to inquire about script support when choosing your web host. The hosting company’s built-in support for popular web scripts should factor into your choice, if you use them. If you would like to run WordPress on your website, look for a host that offers easy installation, and be aware of any MySQL database limitations. Your potential web host should have a list of scripts that it supports, and those that are available to install easily, so make a note of what scripts you need and double-check that the support is available.